AppNation employs cutting-edge tools and development frameworks to create advanced solutions that make your systems more productive. Our expertise provides the resources to make today’s development tools work for you in a clear, understandable manner. Below is a list of our core development tools:


The AppNation staff are experts in the development, deployment and management of PROGRESS Software, a powerful business application and database toolkit. Whether your application is host-based, client/server, multi-tiered, web or service-based, we harness the power of PROGRESS Software to build large-scale enterprise applications for your business.


AppNation utilizes the secure, mature, and highly portable Java programming language for developing applications capable of scaling from desktops to enterprise-level computing environments. The large amount of commercial and community Java solutions that exist can daunting, but appNation provides the guidance and expertise required to select the technologies that best meet your present and future needs.

MySql Databases

MySQL is the world’s most popular Open-Source Database tool and powerful enough for today.s business applications. When database total cost of ownership is a major concern, appNation often exploits the power of MySQL because of its suitability for widespread application deployment and platform independence. When a focus is on Open-Source Solutions and the bottom line, appNation uses the non-proprietary, yet reliable features of MySQL.

Apache Tomcat

The Apache-Jakarta Tomcat server is the reference to all Java Servlet and Java Server Pages (JSP) specifications. Tomcat is free and has an industry-established record for performance, scalability, reliability, and security when deployed into enterprise environments. For maximum compatibility across commercial systems, AppNation uses Tomcat for development of web-based Java applications. For maximum value, we recommend Tomcat to our clients for production purposes.

Apache Struts

Struts, an open source framework that is part of the Apache-Jakarta project, uses a programming pattern called model-view-controller (MVC) recognized in the realm of development for its adroitness with traditional graphical desktop applications. MVC-designed applications are known for their clear separation of responsibilities, promoting a high degree of maintainability and code reuse. AppNation not only strives to build applications in the shortest amount of time, but also keeps longer-term goals of scalability, maintainability and extensibility in mind when using design techniques with frameworks like Struts.