Appnation has a proven record of success in numerous standard software services and we are dedicated to the pursuit of software perfection. Below is a list of our core set of specialty services:

Database And Application Design

Database design and application development are two of our specialties. Today's complex data relationships demand advanced design skills to correctly structure your valuable data. AppNation employs cutting-edge tools and development frameworks to make your system more productive.

PROGRESS Software Specialization

When you consider PROGRESS Software Solutions, our knowledge is second to none. PROGRESS Software offers a vast selection of products and services to address today's technology offerings. AppNation has the proven experience to utilize the full suite of PROGRESS Software offerings and make the most out of your data.

Flexible, Open-Source Solutions

AppNation embraces a collection of innovative open source software (OSS) technologies. We believe in the ability of OSS to empower our clients. These technologies not only reduce development time and licensing costs, but they can also be used under less restrictive circumstances than their commercial counterparts. Coupled with the power of the Internet as a distribution channel, appNation can leverage community development tools to cost-effectively exceed most available commercial vendor support.

System Deployment And Integration

Multitudes of systems exist in various platforms in today's enterprise environment. These systems are usually comprised on interdependent content exchange functionality. Gone are the days of extracts and nightly batch runs. AppNation will have all of your systems talking the same language in record time.