AppNation has the proven process for successful software development. This methodology is used as a guideline for consistent IT development.


AppNation will identify problematic areas of your IT infrastructure as well as system elements not taking full advantage of today's powerful IT alternatives.


AppNation will carefully listen to the client's situation and ideas and carry out a discovery process. We will fully understand your requirements and ensure the client fully understands our vision, in plain English.

Create A Road Map

During this design phase, your system will be conceived with technical components. This process will pinpoint the vehicles that will take your system from 'where you are' to 'where you want it to be'.


Proper planning ensures this execution phase is as seamless and efficient as possible. AppNation will create future-proof software by using clear and proven attributes such as documentation, readability, component modularization and integration.


Proper deployment requires careful placement of components in locations that harness the power of your network. AppNation will be there when your system enters production to gracefully guide and support your transition.