AppNation was founded in 1995 by David Woosley.

Our team of experts work hard to provide proven results for our clients, build lasting relationships and create successful software. We succeed at short-term and long-term projects and deliver superior services in a timely, affordable and effective manner.

AppNation is well equipped to make use of the proper IT tools to effectively complete each project. Our team is an active user and advocate of open-source software. We believe open-source software harnesses the collective wisdom, experience and expertise of the most demanding users in the world. We also know that proprietary solutions are often the best choice, especially for critical enterprise solutions and large database applications.


  • Blueprint New York
  • FurnServe Incorporated
  • General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC)
  • Independence Blue Cross of Pennsylvania
  • Iron Mountain Records Management
  • Johnson and Johnson World Headquarters
  • Las Vegas Review Journal
  • Progress Software Corporation
  • United Methodist Church
  • United Technologies
  • Weldon, Williams and Lick
  • Wilkinson Banking Corporation
  • WriteMyAds.com